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The ChessEd Story

It all began in January 2018 when we saw the need for enhanced education for the youth in Arizona.

With our extensive background in chess (Dave being a National Master and Daniel having played since elementary school), we remember how positive of an impact learning the game and playing with others had in our lives, so we began this nonprofit so that all children, no matter their economic status, could obtain a chess education.

Now, you may be wondering how chess ties in with our goal of improving the general education of students in Arizona. When we both started playing the game, not only were we able to learn how to checkmate our opponents' kings; but, more importantly, how to make well-planned decisions, handle the stress of time pressure, become more focused, and have a passion for learning and improving.

This idea of chess as a conduit for improved education is not an immediate effect. Rather, it is the journey that our students go through in finding meaning in the smallest of details, which helps them to adopt a learning-driven mentality and develop real-world strategic problem-solving skills. 

In the 21st century, when the education system within the United States is facing the most inequality, we hope that we can give the gift of chess as a way to bridge this gap in education to ensure the continued success of our students and partner schools.