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About Us


Daniel Noon, Co-Founder

Daniel is a student at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, AZ with a mission to help those in need of better education through chess. He has been playing chess for several years and has over 5 years of coaching/teaching experience.


Dave Mohan, Co-Founder

Dave Mohan is a United States Chess Federation National Master, and has been playing chess for almost 8 years now. Having competed on the national and international level and being one of the youngest Masters in Arizona, he is extremely passionate about the power of chess education, as well as learning in general. 


Alex Noori, Lead Organizer

Alex Noori, currently a senior at Brophy, joined the ChessEd team in August 2018. He has played chess for the last two years, and in on the Brophy JV Chess Team. In his free time (when he's not working on ChessEd!) he enjoys running for the Brophy Cross Country team and heading the Math Club.

Past Volunteers Current Staff Leadership

1. Jay Schneider                                                                           1. Grace Xu

2. Aman Agarwal                                                                        2. Joseph Wang

3. Ashwin Gulaya                                                                        3. Juan Sanchez Sifuentes

4. Bradley Baltman                                                                    4. Lukas Villalba

5. Gregory Clary                                                                          5. Mason Miller

6. John Fitzpatrick                                                                       6. George Anton

7. Lukas Buse

8. Reid Shniderman

9. Keegan Spotts